What is it that you want?

Fame? Come on. You pay a price you can’t afford. Fortune? What will you do with it? What is fortune? You probably already have it.

To know thyself.

At the end of the day, what do you want more than happiness? It doesn’t have to be bought. But it does have to be worked for. And what price will you pay? You can afford it.

1) Character: Who are you? What makes you, you? That’s all it costs. In a world of false commerce, you don’t have to commerce. You probably only have to commune. With yourself and those who know you. And there is no one who knows you better than yourself. Of course, there are others who know you better than you know yourself in those times when you need help – so you only need to know who those people are, and reach out. If you have those people, they are only a phone call or text away. Pick up the damned phone and make an appointment. The first person who comes to mind is the right one.

2) Reality: don’t delude yourself. Reality is only what you make it. Don’t make the mistake that I have made, believing that reality is some objective force impressed upon you. It is what you make it, and what you have allowed others to make it for you. There’s no problem with having let others make it for you, because you know they are real, they are true. In short, let others love you for who you are. Yes, you are good – but you won’t hurt from improving: let your friends tell you how to improve. If they won’t tell you, they are not friends. Ask.

3) Action: Do something. In your darkest times, the first thing you think to do is often the most beneficial. Hell, even if it seems suicidal, the first steps in carrying it out are raw, and we are made of raw material. Don’t misunderstand. Don’t end yourself – take the first step toward knowing that there is no end to yourself. But this can only come from the things that shape you, which are your collective thoughts, the Collective Consciousness, which for you are your friends, and the thing you are amazed by. You can’t think of your place in the world without first thinking of amazing things. Don’t miss them. You are an integral part in the cosmos.

4) Intelligence: Don’t be stupid. There’s no reason for it. You’re not stupid, even if you think you are. If you’ve ever thought you are, that takes an intelligence beyond average to have delineated your own intelligence among a world of others. You are infinite, and if you can’t grasp that, you are stupid. But, if you’ve gotten to that point, you’re not stupid. You see?

Lastly, ignore the numbers. You are not a number, nor are you one among many, nor are you in any way associated with numeric value. Your value transcends anything that can be captured by integers, whole numbers, or any measurement. As soon as you begin to measure yourself, you have broken away from what it means to be human.

Be you, and in turn be human, and in turn be infinite.

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